Tales of an Exhibitor – Phoenix Comicon 2016 ((Vlog #1)) The Time Has Come

Again sorry about the shakey camera, it’s quite challenging to keep it steady while you walk, talk, and till trying to give attempts at seeing where you are going. I need to get a selfie stick to help with that. When I go to Vacation in like two weeks, I’ll have one and those vlogs […]

SPIDER BOSS! | Undertale #7

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MMD – Awake and alive [Mystic Messenger]

Right time to put my Mystic Messenger Oc into good use… So here she is in her first MMD video, isn’t she a cutie :3. a bit of info: Messenger Name: Luci Kam Full Real Name: Soomi Kam Age: 22 Hair colour: red/pinkish Eye colour: blue/grey Height: 5’4 Her mother and father were killed by […]

ATTACK OF THE UNDERTALE! Sakura-Con 2016 – Friday | AnyaPanda Vlogs

Look who’s finally back! I’m glad to finally be able to return to posting videos now that school is over, and I’m kicking things off with the vlogs I filmed during Sakura-Con this year. There will be plenty more cosplay videos over the next little while, so be sure to stay tuned, and subscribe if […]

[Undertale Cosplay] Flowey Vlogs!

Remember how I said I wanted to do an Ask Flowey series? Well, in order to do that, I needed a Flowey! So here he is! He’s such a trouble maker! You can send questions for him in the comments or on my twitter. Give him hell guys~!

Late For Gem School + UNDERTALE DDR! Tsukino-Con 2016 – Saturday | AnyaPanda Vlogs

WirtxLapis CONFIRMED. ?? Thanks so much for watching! Subscribe if you’d like to see more cosplay vlogs! ^.^ If you haven’t already, you can find my Friday Tsukino-Con vlog here: Madeline: Lemonaid: More from me:

Travel Vlogs | Bicep growth | Who is Aaron

I look ahead to my trip to Hong Kong and the travel fitness Vlog I’ll be bringing whilst I’m there. I’m also planning my summer shredding / Tough Mudder prep series and who the hell is Aaron? Like, Comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching, can’t wait to bring so much content to you guys in […]