Lego Custom: Alphys (Undertale)

So I just used a duplicate Chima Lion head for her because I originally wanted to post a Lego Ideas set, it probably wouldn’t have worked out. Tagged: , Lego , Custom , Alphys , Undertale , Gaster , Undyne , Anime , Weeb , Weeaboo , Lizard , Dinosaur , Takes , Action , […]

[meme] Weeaboo

( ̄︿ ̄) OPEN ME (¬_¬) This persona is me. More like me than the OC from the Boom x4. I like most in the image of Romano *-* Этот перс – тип, я. Более похожа на меня, чем перс из Бумх4. Мне больше всего нравится в образе Романо *-* Сharacters: Yato from Noragami Romano from Hetalia […]


I’m lazy :’u Original:????? My facebook: Characters/Personajes 1-Matt/Matilda (eddsworld) 2-Hatsune miku (vocaloid) 3-Steven (esteven universe/E.U) 4-Papyrus (undertale/U.T) 5-Batman (DC comics) 6-Marco (star vs the forces of evil) Pd: i’m not weeaboo

Weeaboo [Meme]

Created by VideoShow: Character: Me Cosplay: Yandere (saki) Eddworld (Tom) Creepypasra (nina the killer) Yandere (budo) Undertale (Sans) Ghost face nikoi (MY FAV YOUTUBER) FPS: 10 Frames: 278 What i used: #flipaclip Videoshow ASR (To record the audio) Orignal: waffle the wolf Like and subscribe lets make it to 300!

.:MEME:. Weeaboo (Thanks for 50+ Subs!!!)

Throwback to when I crowned myself the Empress of Angst I’m eddsworld trash I’ve done tons of art for it but I’m doing an animation for it soon don’t worry about it I’m gonna get screamed at for having two of the most infamous clips from The End Part 2 ha ha Thanks for 50+ […]

BELARUS Plays: Yandere Simulator! [Hetalia APH Cosplay]

There just wasn’t any way to avoid this. But we avoided it for far too long. Because this is great. Again, we apologize for amateur capturing, did my best for what I knew how to do. ;O ~~~~ Kyra as Belarus ~~~~ Watch MORE Let’s Plays!:

Aaron Omegle Time with Otaku/ Weeaboo and Nerd #3 | Song of UnderTale

Hello and we back with another Omegle meet up thing, well I hope you enjoy this video and you next time