When Bill Cipher and Kyo Sohma find Dubsmash… (Cosplay Crack)

This is madness! No… this is just what happens when Bill finds dubsmash and drags Kyo into doing it with him. Oh wait… that IS madness! XD Our first cosplay crack with Gravity Falls and Fruits Basket! Kyo Sohma: Usagi Hime Bill Cipher: Taijiya Omake Masters does not own anything but their cosplay and quirky […]

Phil is not on fire 9

COME AND SEE US ON 2018 TOUR! The whiskers are back and we’re feeling fine, let’s see what happens in Phil is not on fire 9! New merch! 10% off with code BLACKFRIDAY (until Monday night) Worldwide shop: USA store: Australia: Subscribe to me! Subscribe to Dan! Our gaming channel: DanAndPhilGAMES: DAN Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: […]

6 Weird Things Women Do To Push Guys Away

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The Joykilling Culture Of ‘AAA’ Games (The Jimquisition)

We Happy Few has slowly transformed since it first arrived on Early Access, but its latest metamorphosis was sudden and jarring – it’s a “AAA” game now. Gearbox acquiring the title, and the effect it’s had on the game, demonstrate that “AAA” is not so much about the funds or the studio, but about the […]

I Can’t Understand…- Undertale #12 (FLOWEY OMEGA FORM) (NEUTRAL END?)

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Cosplay Fun Times: Cosplayfest – Natsuyasumi 2016

(╯✧∇✧)╯*:・゚・゚CLICK FOR DESCRIPTION・゚・゚・゚✧ o(≧∇≦o) Hello My fellow Kookies! Welcome to another video called Cosplay Fun Times! Last weekend I went to a cosplay event here in Iloilo City called Natsuyasumi of Cosplayfest. It was a fun event because I get to meet my friends again and we did some random things. RANDOM THINGS. There were […]

Weird Workout Videos – JonTron

Earn FREE cash and gift cards! $5 bonus for ONE survey: Thanks Swagbucks for sponsoring! — In this episode, Jon tries to workout and fails but you already knew that WOW WHAT A SPOILER Socials: Twitter: Facebook: Cast: Jon Jafari – Himself God – Hot Dog Wizard Eva JM Smith – Jonny Jon’s Gamer Zone […]

Alphdyne Speedpaint (ft. a weird Laurens for 20 seconds)

first off let’s congratulate Mystic for making two videos in one day! (wew!!! :3) and now to the description… I drew Alphys and Undyne being cute together (bc let’s be honest who doesn’t ship them) Time taken: 50 minutes Music Used: Spear of Justice Music Box ver. by FIDH LOTD -Link: UT OST #48: Alphys […]

Weird Stuff Chara Does When She Possesses Frisk (warning MEMES AHEAD)

uhhhhhhhh I have no idea what I just did Frisk and also all the male characters: he did thing go say thing to him Original Comic by also she did thing go say thing to her