UNDERTALE – GENOCIDE – Episode #12 (Undyne’s Last Words)

Hello, welcome to the description! _________________________________________________________________ In this series I most likely won’t be commentating anything. I might eventually but I doubt it. Anyway, enjoy the video! Have any last words?

Minecraft realm of the sky 21: Words! Spoilers? Asgore’s fight theme

Hi people due to a promise I made last week you guys are getting more edits! (Sorry this was a little late guys) leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and It’s Impressively Banana pants my shifter pack

Surah Baqarah, AMAZING VIEWS with 1-1 WORDS tracing, 1 of World’s Best Quran Video in 50+ Langs., HD

For the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD, quran videos are published in more than 50 LANGUAGES’ subtitles. Also includes relaxing very beautiful full HD nature views and very beautiful & readable arabic fonts with word by word tracing. !! PLEASE TURN ON CC BUTTON TO SEE THE TRANSLATION IN YOUR LANGUAGE. IN OTHER WORDS, OPEN […]

Her Last Words (Anime Sad Quotes)

Sorry i got bored again but i finished the song

Wise Words from Avatar: The Last Airbender Part 1

Quote and music from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I own nothing. Lion Turtle Speech The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.  In the […]

Can you guess these Undertale last words? (SPOILERS)

Play the quiz here! Hey guys! So in this video I will be playing a quiz of undertale “Can you guess these Undertale last words?” Comment down below your score! I got 9 correct. Instagram 》@cloudy.frisk Sister’s ig: @calz_me Little Choco Chris ig: @little_choco_chris Pokemon of The night ig: @pokemonofthenight ~☆ Shoutout ☆~ ☁? Make […]

Try not to Laugh – 30 MINUTES – No Swearing No Bad Words – For Kids HARDEST CHALLENGE

1 HOUR VERESION (EVEN BETTER) JOIN MY DISCORD: ► Social Media ⊳ YOUTUBE – ⊳ INSTAGRAM – Coming Soon ⊳ TWITTER – Coming Soon ► Links ⊳ OUTRO SONG – ⊳ BANNER TEMPLATE – ⊳ INTRO SONG – ► Other Channels ⊳ Whatchamacallit – ⊳ Skullz 5000 – ► Other Videos ⊳ Try not to […]

Learning the Alphabet (Letters and words): The Letter A

Join Alphy today as he introduces you to the letter A. Keep practicing and you will become one of our special little kids with big brains!!! A is for Apple A is for Ambulance A is for Arms We believe in repetition. Play this over and over again and learn the alphabet like a genius […]