PewDiePie – Don’t Be A Salad. Be The Best Goddamn Broccoli You Could Ever Be!

A little lesson of life by PewDiePie. ORIGINAL VIDEO: PEWDS:

Top Ten Worst Video Game Boss Fights

All these negative topics are gonna give me a really bleak outlook on life. Might need to cuddle a small puppy soon. Keep annotations on to avoid spoilers! (Mobile Users: Spoilers at #9, #8, #6, #4 and #1) ————————————————————————————– Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: T-Shirts: Twitch: Steam Group:


Created by I don’t know who, The Binding of Underfell is a Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Undertale mode which is modified to the AU of Underfell featuring evil characters and one nice flower. Papyrus Thumbnail Artist: Help support the channel by getting free stuff!! FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED MUSIC ► TWO FREE AUDIOBOOKS ► FREE […]

Overwatch Funny & Epic Moments 140 – WORST PHARAH EVER?! – Highlights Montage

Overwatch Funny & Epic moments is back with tons of new fail, wtf, and glitch plays. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to submit your funny Overwatch moments to me so that your clips can be featured in future highlights montage videos! ?? Subscribe: ?? ? Sub, like, comment to enter weekly $50 gift card […]

10 WORST Video Games Of The Last 10 Years!

Subscribe Here: Every decade in the video game industry us gamers are lucky enough to get the chance to play some amazing titles and also be a part of a whole new era of advancement within the industry. Sometimes though, video games get released that make us question just what the developers were thinking. You’re […]

Worst reaction (plz read description )

So I put a Sans mask and jacket on a mannequin. I was playing a video so it would seem like I was sitting there, so sorry for the bad audio. BTW that is Nightmare27 AKA my brother Gabe. Go check out his channel he plays horror games, and played Undertale.

10 Worst Fandoms Or Groups On The Internet

The 10 worst tv fan groups collegehumor post. You either leave an anime conventions apart of the homestuck group, or you hating them sep 26, 2015 another group fans that are annoying ultra competitive, hardcore gamer who look worst weeaboo fandom on internet feb 25, 2013 view ‘the 10 tv fan groups’ and more funny […]

I’m Made Of Your Worst FEARS / Betty speedpaint

HEY IM BACK FROM THE DEAD So the title and quote on the art is based off of the “official” betty stronger than you on Camilas channel, which is my all time favorite undertale version of STY Also, please as a reminder, do NOT rush Camilla, as animation takes a long time to finish, and […]