Tommy Boy (1995) – Fat guy in a little coat

Chris Farley, David Spade

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  1. For those who don’t know Farley and spade would share a dressing room and Farley would do this to all of spades clothes

  2. Don't give me any shit for naming my overweight Maine Coon, "Fat Guy in a Little Coat".
    Blame Chris Farley and this movie.

  3. This is why I don't like mergers or buyouts. It's merely taking out competition and putting more people out of work. They're lying when they say they'll find work for them. They just pay them for a couple months or years and then let them go.

  4. I see now how badly this was acted- speaking wise. They just didnt come across naturally but it was huge when i was a teenager. My fella still does the coat thing. Hes not fat but built – naturally big guy-and he likes to do that sometimes. Randomly. Fat guy in a little coooooatt….lolol

  5. Chris Farley was an all-around funny man the way you talk the way you did things the way he moved to make a test and the crazy he was just a straight-up funny guy Chris Farley

  6. LmAo after I eat all this food & have to put on that Walmart vest at work later on 2nite .. This is how I will probably feel LoL .. Peace family


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