UNDERTALE – Animated – Episode 3 (UNFINISHED)

Firstly I would like to apologize for such a long wait. Thank you all so much for being patient.

But, sadly I will not be finishing episode 3 or Undertale Animated anytime soon. It put me through a lot of stress and I really do not enjoy animating it. And despite the popular belief, it’s not the fault of the Undertale fandom, rather me never being satisfied with the end result of my animations. That’s not to say that I will never finish it, someday I might come back and do it, but not right now, especially since the school year will be starting very soon.

This video, as you can see, features two versions of Undertale Animated Episode 3. First one is the original old version that I’ve started animating months ago. It was very rushed and I felt like it didn’t look as good as I can make it, so I decided to re-animate it in my current style . This style is far more detailed, with more realistic backgrounds, more fluent animation, better character animation and overall better quality. This is the style I wanted to use for the whole episode, but it would take me months to finish it.

I hope you can understand. Please don’t kill me. Thank you for all the support.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox, I only made the animation.
Music: – Undertale – Soundtrack –

Also to everyone who keeps asking me.

Q: The old version looks pre-recorded. Did you steal the animation?
A: No, art theft is disgusting. Back when I made this I didn’t know how to export animations or use a screen recorder, so as a dumb 13 year old I was, I used an iPad to record the animation and later edited it in iMovie hence the poor video quality.
If you need any further proof, here’s a video featuring backgrounds, animatics and animations from UNDERTALE Animated:

Q: Why are there so many grammar mistakes?
A: Actually most of them are typos, but as for the actual grammar errors, well English is not my first language so it’s bound to happen sometimes.

Q: Can I use this for a video (AMV, DUB, SUB etc.)?
A: Sure, why not! Just please give me credit in the video description, title or somewhere in the video. Though don’t just re-upload the thing, you have to make at least some adjustments to it.

Q: Did you make the thumbnail for this video?
A: Yep, you can find it and the old versions here:

FAQ (please read it if you have any questions, since most are answered there):

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  1. Well dude, I know how you fell when it comes to animation, but actually, I love them!! Sure, they're not the best looking animations, but they are truly quite satisfying!! I really hope you come back and finish this someday. Heck, I'll even offer some help with the project if you like!! Don't give up friend, you got this!!

  2. I LOVE the style how you draw! Btw I love dat Sans and Pap! I draw with a mouse too, but.. wow! SKILLS GURL!! >:3

  3. Stunning! I'm loved this so much. I suggest you make the mouths move around the face less and put a small bit more animation to the talking. But otherwise, This is a great idea!~ I understand that it put you threw stress. Take a break, relax! A few animation tips 'never hurt anyone anyway. 🙂
    PS: You're the best animator i've seen yet! Don't be so hard on yourself, pal.


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