[Undertale Arrange] Overdriven Hero || Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans

Yo, got some Sans for you before Megalovania XD
I think that this song deserves much more arranges than it has ;w;

Overdriven Hero
Arranger: Karasu
Original song: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (from Undertale by Toby Fox)


Instagram: karasuu44

Thank you for listening.

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  1. Please dont send me hate comments-
    So, im just thinking..
    Isn't the player a megalomaniac when he/she decides to do genocide?
    So isn't megalovania the player's theme?
    And overdriven here is sans's original theme?

  2. I like megalovania and all but I feel like remixes of STMPWYFS that are like this would have been MUCH better

  3. I dunno why but I think this song matches my Underfell Sans so well… do you mind if I keep this headcanon of mine? c':

  4. It's cool how green is the color of the kindness trait in Undertale and in this image Sans's eye carry it instead of yellow(the justice that he give you in genocide route) along with his usual blue(patience) fitting perfectly with the remix of the song that might play in a pacifist fight with him, where he does not want to hurt you, ever, just have some fun

  5. Perfect for underfell!
    Not only intimidating but also a hint of happiness to the point where it's like creepy-is but still fun as hell. 10/10

  6. (after a a Genocide run)
    *Hello stra-
    *That look on your face…
    * Y o u k i l l e d t h e m a l l , d i d n ' t y o u
    (fight begins)
    *Sorry old lady.
    *They killed them all
    *i even wonder how quicly they made that
    *let's make you burn in hell quick
    (this song plays. After a insanely strong attack, that lasts 3 minutes, sans realizes, the human is on Level 1)
    (fight ends)
    *sorry for the misunderstanding.
    (you wisper on the ears of sans)
    *i know that isn't true.
    *my brother is coming.
    *everybody is fine.
    (normal events starts to happen)


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