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The Furry Show | Yiffmas Edition

Merry Yiffmas, faggots Thanks to the e621 community, for taking part in this (unknowingly, but still…) As well as you for watching. :3 This isn’t meant as disrespect for the website and it’s users, but merely humour. (Maybe I even inspired some of you virgins to check it out sometime) In any case, I just […]

ASGORE of the Game – Death Grips x UNDERTALE Mashup

gotta get a grip (2) ASGORE x Lord of the Game remix/mashup/whatever you call it mp3 – stay noided

Undertale Death By Glamour Remix Nightcore

sorry for the lack of posting but this will be the last song i will be posting for a while fallout 4 gameplay is coming soon and there will be a voice reveal as well download: original video: art:

Toriel AU Themes! [Heartache]

Wow. I can’t believe 3 people requested this. 3 people! That’s kinda insane. Don’t worry, I have a request list and it’ll be in the description. It’s gonna be explaining what AU Themes I’m gonna do. Here’s my Amino account if you wanna check it out I guess- I do not own the music, art, […]

[Undertale AU – Storyspin] Song That Might Play When You Fight Asgore

Someone got to make this that want be me…. having noting say….. seeya