[UNDERTALE] Sans’ Theme Variations [SPOILERS]

* toby sure loves his music

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  1. Now the question IS… Is "sans." A spinoff of "song that might play when you fight sans", or is song that might play when you fight sans a spinoff of sans.?

    That's some black with white stripes or white with black stripes shit right there

  2. why aren't they all midis?
    this is messed up.
    (also this is so much better at 2x speed)

    i bet you clicked 'show more' for a pun.
    what do you call it when a mathematician exaggerates?

  3. He does this with a lot of the songs. Like Napstablook and Muffet, Mettaton and the core. I forgot what it's called in music terms but I love how it's all related. 😀
    Good find on these.


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