Undertale – SAVE Chara


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This AU (Alternative Universe) and gifset made by azurecanvas. Follow on Tumblr .
Installation of the gif animation in video and audio dubbing by giaxon.

Fan Animation for this AU:

Also, look at this speedpaint, for this AU:

Who is The True Villain of Undertale?

Chara Defense Squad.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Answers to frequently asked questions:
    1 – "Is this even part of the game?" / "This is real?" – No. This is AU (alternative universe), made by azurecanvas, visit her tumblr azurecanvas.tumblr.com.
    2 – "Chara kiss Frisk!" – NO! This is CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
    3 – "Part 3 ?" – The author of this AU, is already working on the next part.

  2. I actually think that instead of slowly walking towards Chara with a shocked expression, Toriel would run to her and grab Frisk, sobbing uncontrollably and whispering.

    ah crap now I'm crying again

  3. why do you sacrifice yourself frisk T_T
    at the same time frisk save chara and the dreamurr family was happy because there children was back
    and it's a
    bad ending – frisk died T_T
    happy ending – chara and asriel was back together.


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