Undertale VoiceActors Needed

Hey! Comment who you wanna be and make a video with your voice audition
(Comment when you done with it so we don’t miss)
If we don’t comment something like “in” then, sorry.
These will be open for only 5 months
After the release and it comes too 5 months
Ask if we can make an exception
We need

Papyrus:Jinx The Skeleton
Sans: Jinx the Skeleton
Frisk(female):Kayt draws
Chara(female): Zife Animation
Bloom(AU character): Rose
Undyne:Darth Sonic
Alphys:Rhiannon Rose
Mettaton(you can use effect on your voice):
Toriel: Rhiannon Rose
Asriel/flowey(reg voice with effects):
W.D GASTER: Cole Fazer
Mad Dummy:

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Comment (26)

  1. Guys! If you wanna enter follow these rules.
    •make sure they aren’t taken (check desc)
    •say who you wanna be (up too three characters for a person)
    •if there’s another character you wanna do that’s not listen, ask (exp. Doggo)
    •have a Gmail that has access too drive and slides (for scripts)
    •post a video after I reply too your comment with your voice audition
    •be subbed too us,( sub too everyone In the group too obviously,)
    •don’t get mad if we don’t comment “in” on your video
    •be okay with doing something is the slightest ship-kinda-thing
    (We don’t have full on ships unless for thing confirmed in undertale, yet, the is asgore-toriel, Sorry soriel shippers..

    Also, thanks for ten subs! We appreciate it!


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