Unitale: Glitch encounter – other endings

Glitch encounter:

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Comment (47)

  1. My suggestions :
    (1) Show Error!Sans sprite at the beginning for 3 seconds , It'll distract the player to think what happens next. Saying a text fast "are you really that easy to run this mod???" Like faster. After 3 seconds , turns into the fake error.
    (2) When player keep onto the MERCY option , add a ErrorErrorError ending. Which is a fake error again (but wait for 80 seconds) after that add an Error!Sans sprite "Glitching". That's for the ending.
    (3) When the monster killed , add a text on a black screen saying "YOU SHOULDNT DO THAT" flashing Red and White. Or Black and White.
    (4) update more u faggot

  2. Why do most of the sprites have parts of the unused doge enemy in them?
    is that the glitch?
    must we purge the doge from every point in space and time?


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