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[MMD] Dissidia Zidane Tribal: “Butterfly on your right shoulder”

((((((((((((((ESPAÑOL))))))))))))))) Finalmente! por fin conseguique Zidane baile mi cancion favorita de mi Vocaloid favorito!!! Kagamine Len – Migikata no Cho ( Butterfly on your right shoulder) de la version Project Diva 2nd uy! buenisimo!!!! bueno, pues no hay mucho que decir. solo que… disfruten del vid. dedicado a todos los fanaticos de Zidane Tribal y […]

The Greatest Scene of Space Dandy to Date.

I am happy to be alive to see it

You’re A wimpy Loser With A Big Heart – Speedpaint

This is probably the best speedpaint I have made so far…the other ones well. They were kinda cheap bUT THIS ONE IT HAS DECENT QUALITY! Song is Spear of Justice by Toby Fox Piano Version belongs to I just own the art, youtube copyright please don’t hurt me

Seriously – What The Fuck are you doing? (looped)

Go get a core message…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Seriously?

FULL-LENGTH MATCH – SmackDown – The Undertaker vs. Chavo Guerrero – Casket Match

Oct. 31, 2008 – On Halloween night, Vickie Guerrero forces her nephew Chavo to attempt to end The Undertaker once and for all in a Casket Match.

Dimentio and Sonic’s Sprite Test

I’m testing my new sprites, of dimentio and sonic, that’s my first well sprite try video

Cave Story – Running Hell on guitar

Cave Story is one of my favorite games and it’s filled with awesome songs. I hopefully get to cover other songs from this game as well. Btw, it’s easier to play this on guitar than getting through the Hell-stage. 😀

Undertale E1 – Friendliness Pellets! :D

Undertale is an epic puzzle RPG in which a human jumps into the world of monsters. I’ve been loving it so far. It’s more about the story than the gameplay. The music is beautiful, and the characters are funny!