Why I Dislike Undertale

I can’t even run ads on this thing but I’m still glad this video is done. There are definitely a lot of points that I may have forgotten to make, but the video is already 20 minutes long and took over a month to complete. I think I got my point across alright.

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  1. Honestly speaking, and blatantly as fuck here, as always, I enjoyed the vid. I don't know shit about Undertale, nor do I care. I guess, if I had to pick something to critique is the fact that he focuses too much on viewers reactions.
    I mean, you only got 1k hits bro. You take yourself far too serious, and it kind of detracts from any creative messege you may have when you claim everyone will leave, what ever comment, or what ever. I dunno, there's potential here. I'll stick around for a bit.

  2. I️ really love undertale and I️ didn’t care about your opinion it’s yours opinion not mine or anyone else I️ don’t know why people don’t get that

  3. I will respect your opinion I personally love the game but it's ok of you don't though. Even so it was a good video

  4. one of the arguments in the video was that Undertale was boring in the beginning so you didn't want to see the end butt, you have the same problem in your video. you where ranting and complaining about not being able to stop seeing and hearing about Undertale and its really boring and takes up pretty much half of the video. i had too keep telling myself keep watching maybe he'll have some good points, witch you did! .and i'm glad i watched it all the way through so heres some constructive criticism for you :

    1. keep your complaints short. get to the point/criticism. keeping it long makes people click away.

    2. when you criticize something for doing something and you do it yourself try not to do that thing and improve yourself you can still criticize but you gotta improve yourself too.

    i don't know if anybody else feels the some way about you complaining for the first half of the video but, this was all my opinion and if people disagree than thats ok.

    sorry if i sound like an angry 12 year old on the internet and thank you for reading this 5 page comment from a random person on youtube.

  5. 3:10

    Operation "Give SourceMaster_ crap tons of horrible but decent games" is a go!

    Please wait five to ten business years for delivery of game

  6. I really can't say anything about Undertale becuase I haven't played it. So I'm not going to argue about this.

  7. Ok you're asking for an attack but I know that it's not for everyone so I wish you the best of luck when those fans show up

  8. Nice video…you made some good points but I didn't understand your dislike of the dialouge. It didn't really pull me out of the game (except that part with alphys that was actually a little annoying).

  9. I watched well over 5 minutes of it and all you did was complain about people liking this game/ expecting you to like it and trying to deflect criticism. I'm not enjoying it, so far be it from me to watch until the end to see if it gets better when you would not give this game that benefit. Maybe if this was some kind of clever original thought I would, but you can look up "i hate undertale" and get about a hundred videos with the same clickbait and sentiment, so why would I watch this?

  10. After watching this video you made me realize that yeah, I would've rather have just had Undertale as a book instead of a game like you said, since really the only thing I like about it is the story, and about 25% of the music (which I'd be ready to sacrifice).

  11. I agree with all your points. I only played the demo and experienced the whole game with the Steam Train playthrough, but I believe the main appeal of the game was its story and its use of gameplay elements to enhance it. It may not play or look good, but its story and music is what got people to like it. However, like a good story it was forgotten about around a year afterward as it didn't have much replay value and probably got boring after a while. Compare that to Super Mario Maker which was released the same week but is still really fun to play to this day.

    Also, I believe a bit of your negativity toward the game came from the hype that the game itself didn't meet, which was enforced by its popularity. I don't believe it's a bad game, but it focused more on telling a good story than being good gameplay-wise.

  12. I used to like this game, somehow. In fact, I was the asshole who was like "hey i just did my 16th playthrough" and i was blinded by stupidity. I then realized im stupid and this game isnt amazing, its just ok. The end.

  13. Becuase of the fandom. I didn't even watch the video yet but I can tell, because of the fandom. Thats how I got in to undertale actually. 🙁

  14. I'm ok with the other arguments but to say undertale is bad because it has no voice acting and you have to read is dumb (if you don't like because of it it's another thing) that there is no voice acting in this is a style that fits the game well.
    Yes I know that you said if its not much text it's ok, but I would say that long text can also work really well a good example are Text-adventures(again if you just don't like long Texts in Games thats another thing)
    I think voice acting would make the experience worse and I prefer voice acting over text (if it fits).
    Also it's probably not so easy to find fitting Voice Actors for a game with such a small Production"team".
    All in all I didn't really like Undertale all that much myself but It definitely had some really good parts.


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